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ARC Multipurpose Four-Leg Chair with Brace


ARC Four Leg Chair with Brace


TA2_5C – Size 5

TA2_6C – Size 6

Black Frame As Standard


Like the four leg chair, but with an extra support brace for extra strength.

Arc is endlessly adaptable and designed for use within multiple environments, such as the secondary and and further education sectors, cafe and conference facilities, and the healthcare sector. Arc’s compound curves provide comfort, ergonomics, and strength. The bag base and arm tablet accessories allow the creation of a personal workspace in and around the chair.

Arc is one of a limited number of products that has been certified to both Parts 1 & 2 of the education standard BS EN 1729, specifying strength, stability and ergonomic requirements.

On top of all the multipurpose features that the Arc chair has to offer, it is also 100% recyclable, fire retardant to the UL94 V2 standard, and antimicrobial, clinically proven to kill >99.9% of MRSA, E Coli whilst inhibiting fungal growth.


Stackable up to 10 high

5 Year Guarantee

Additional information


Size 5, Size 6


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